A New Lease of Life

A recent health scare has taught me many life lessons and has somehow cured my (blogger) writers block!

Ive written before about ““Luck” and spoke how lucky I felt having good health

Staying healthy isn’t just about eating right, not smoking and taking exercise, its about monitoring your health, attending for routine screening and checking yourself – its not all about luck!

I recently noticed a problem with my right breast and went to chat to my GP about it. As I sat waiting to see her I made some notes about how I was feeling –

  • Scared
  • Chest feeling tight with stress
  • Denial – I must be mistaken/foolish/wrong
  • Totally confused

Lots of emotions tumbling around. My GP was absolutely brilliant, she put me at my ease, asked me lots of questions, checked me over and said she would refer me to the local Breast Care Clinic.

Within 4 hours of seeing my GP I received a telephone call with an appointment to attend the hospital – that appointment being within 2 weeks of being referred – how ace is that!

Two weeks is such a short time, but I must say it felt like an eternity – and it is so hard to control the thought processes. The illogical side of your brain kicks in and takes you along tangents you just dont want to go – its so hard to control! I used some of the strategies I had been taught by my lovely life coach Sandra which helped enormously, especially when I tried to sleep, and I worked as many hours as I could to take my mind off everything as the days ticked off and the appointment got close.

I hardly told a soul about my concerns or my referral, not even my kids(that was hard!) – I really didnt want to worry people, and somehow by talking about it to family and friends, it made it just too real – I could parcel it up and hide it into my subconscious far more easily if people just didnt know. I couldnt bare to think the of “C” word! So if you’re a family member or friend reading this – please do not feel offended or cross with me that I didnt pick the phone up to you – I knew you would be there if I really needed you x

The NHS produce Guidance on best practice, and Im happy to say my unit at Torbay Hospital ticked all the boxes. With a “one stop shop” they can offer everything needed – counseling, consultant opinion, mammogram, ultrasound, biopsy. Most results are given within the same day. Unfortunately, the radiographer was off sick on the day of my appointment and I had to return the following day.

Having a mammogram isnt very pleasant, bit like having your boobs squashed in a panini press, but it doesnt take very long, its uncomfortable but has got to be far easier than a mastectomy or dying from cancer! I was so relieved that as soon as my procedures were all completed I was given the most fabulous news, the words that I dared not hope for – NO PROBLEM….ALL CLEAR!

This was yesterday, and I did indeed feel very lucky! Another life lesson – something I already knew of course – not to take life for granted. To cherish every day, greet the morning with optimism and joy and make the very best of everything we have around us.

I have a beautiful niece called Helen. She was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago and was absolutely amazing. Happy to say she kicked cancers butt and now knows better than most how to appreciate good health and not take health for granted.

Our NHS is so absolutely AMAZING! Please never ever take this wonderful organisation for granted, it truly is wonderful. Although I have worked with it for over 23 years, Im happy to say Ive rarely been at the receiving end of its services so it was good to be reminded of it!

So please, take your health seriously, attend your routine screening appointments,  Regularly check your breasts and dont take your health for granted. If you have any concerns, dont spend months worrying yourself mad with your thoughts – please go and see your GP – I did and so glad!

Now I can plan more adventures and continue my lovely life…….


Keep Checking Yours!

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