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I hope you enjoy reading this blog, it is written purely for entertainment value! Its just a way of keeping a journal for myself as well as staying in touch with family and friends around the world. I try to "live life to the full", "think out of the box" and any other cliches for making the best of it that you can think of! I started writing this blog in 2011 when I gave up my job as a midwife ("The Baby Catcher"!) and began circumnavigating Britain in a 45ft yacht and trained as a skipper prior to going to Australia to live for a year. I then spent 16 months in the UK, before moving to Bali to my scuba diving to a professional level ("Jilly Fish") and trained as a Dive Instructor. I am now sailing from Malaysia, through Indonesia and making my way to the Sunshine Coast of Australia on a 50ft Catamaran and, quite frankly, having a ball! Drop me a message, I would love to hear from you and what you think of my blog! Mwah x

The land of the Dragons

I have so enjoyed traveling around Indonesia and am quite taken by this beautiful place and the warmth of the people. Onwards from Bali and Lombok to a very special place – Komodo national Park. This is comprised of two … Continue reading

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My Surfing Phase

“You are never too old to try new things” I told myself as I straddled a surf board like a beached whale, waves of salty water bashing into my face, salt water stinging my eyes and my thighs getting sore … Continue reading

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Lucky sailor

Here I am, a lucky lady on another adventure! I am 6 weeks into this particular adventure, and have so much to tell! I will start by writing a general blog outlining my travels, then write further with specifics, I … Continue reading

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Making Luck Happen

As I make my posts on Facebook, I frequently get comments saying things like “You are so lucky” or, “I’m so jealous”, and “I wish I could do that”, and it is something I have given alot of thought to. … Continue reading

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Becoming a dRiving instructor in Bali

(Photos to be added soon when I get some wifi!) Before I left the UK I said many goodbyes. One day, I met with a group of midwives from a birth unit I used to manage in Birmingham. We were … Continue reading

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Jillyfish Goes Pro!

We live on such a beautiful planet, and it is wondrous to explore. However, even if you visit every part of every country on the globe, you will miss out on nearly three quarters of it unless you become a … Continue reading

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Little Rays of Sunshine Arrive In Bali!

My daughter Francesca went to University at Lancaster and I used to love visiting her and her friends, it was great to see them all having fun there and they used to take me clubbing! One such visit, about 6 … Continue reading

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Life in a bubble!

Well, Im here to make bubbles, but find that Im living in one too! I live in a little room in Sanur very close to the dive centre, so close, it takes just 2 and a half minutes to walk … Continue reading

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I’m falling for Bali!

Hard to think that Ive been here in Bali for nearly 2 weeks, the time has flown.  To my shame, have to admit I haven’t even made it to the beach yet! Im not here for the tourism, but have … Continue reading

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Selamat Datang Di Bali (Welcome To Bali)

So here I am – finally made it to Bali feeling tired but very excited. My lift had arrived and I was taken to my digs for the next 3 months.  I told myself not to be disappointed in my … Continue reading

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